The Apogee Global Consulting website needed a design refresh. Madeleine wanted the new design to have more of a ‘contemporary feel’ and to focus more on Diversity and Inclusion services and Executive Coaching services.

The company targets the corporate market and the website needed to have a clear & clean design that conveyed a sense of professionalism. The website also needed to be better equipped to capture potential leads and needed to be responsive so that website visitors using mobile/tablet devices didn’t leave the website out of frustration.

Our Approach

We provided a complete redesign from the ground up, even changing the logo design slightly to better suit modern design trends and maintain that ‘contemporary feel’ our client was after. We assisted Madeleine in the selection process of the website photography that helps to convey diversity and inclusion.

So new website visitors understand exactly what Apogee Global Consulting does as soon as they land, we positioned the UVP (or Unique Value Proposition) front and centre on the home page with a call to action directing people to the contact page.

A summary of the companies offerings and services is displayed on the home page with custom icons to suit, quickly sending site visitors where they need to go.

A blogging platform was set up with a lead capture/newsletter subscription form adjacent so that visitors who want to keep up with the latest company news can do so, whilst the client can use the captured emails to nurture new incoming leads.

A ‘who we work with’ logo rotator was included on the home page so that new visitors immediately know that Madeleine and her company work closely with large corporations that many of her visitors will have heard of before, building a sense of trust.

The Result

Since 2016, Apogee Global’s new website has helped Madeleine grow her business and position herself as a thought leader in the industry. We continue to work with Madeleine to help make sure the website continues to be a source of growth for her business.

Madeleine Long6 years ago
Ryan was easy to work with throughout the planning, design and implementation of the Apogee Global Consulting website. He provided advice and guidance when I needed it. He also does the annual maintenance and ensures all aspects of the website continues to run smoothly and securely.

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